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  • 1. Instant Booking

    Available for rental car companies.

  • 2. Sign up now!

    Create your account.

    Book and check all the rental information anytime you need.

  • 3. Pay

    We only charge 20%+VAT. Pay the rest when you pick-up the car.

  • 4. Pick up the car at the rent-a-car location

  • 1. Carsharing Booking

    Select one or more cars and submit your booking requests to private owners.

  • 3. Complete your profile and book from private owners.

    We’ll validate and approve your profile in 24h.

    3.1 Wait for your request to be approved and pay.

  • 4. Meet the owner and pick up the car

    Meet the owner to start the rental. Perform the walkaround inspection together and sign the rental agreement.

  • 5. Review your rental

    Review the owner and the car at the end of the rental. The owner will also review you. That’s how we all build a trustworthy community!


  • 1. Rental car company

  • 2. Contácte-nos para questões

    Link to "contact us" page.

  • 3. Be our partner

    Link to “Rental car companies” page

  • 4. Payment

    It’s easy and simple. No invoicing. No hidden charges.

  • 1. Private owner

    Register for free. Create an account. and list your car.

  • 2. List your car

    Register for free. Create an account. We’ll validate and approve your profile in 24h.

  • 3. Get rental requests

    It’s your decision! You have 24h to approve.

  • 4. Payment

    The driver has 24h to pay after your approval.

  • 5. Meet the driver

    Perform the walkaround inspection together and sign the rental agreement. Hand over the keys to the driver.

  • 6. Get paid

    You’ll get paid within 7 days after the rental is over and closed.

  • 7. Review your rental

    Reviews are important. Get feedback from your drivers and rating for your car.

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