Sign up with your personal e-mail account. For the primary registration you need only to enter your name, email and password. Immediately afterwards, you will receive an e-mail to activate your account. To confirm the registration you only has to click on the link sent in the Facebook account.

You can also make the registration with your Facebook account. Choosing this option, you will have to approve our request for access to your data from Facebook, to access your name and e-mail automatically, allowing you to use the Bookingdrive.com with the same access data that you use when you arrive at your Facebook (e-mail or telephone and password) account.

In both cases, once you've made the registration, you must complete your profile registration in bookingdrive.com. In this case, the applications shall be more specific personal data as, for example, the number of your identification document and the driver's license, among several other personal data and the vehicle needed for the car (both the owner and the driver, being sure that the type of requested data is different in each case).

All the required documents must be scanned and inserted into the bookingdrive.com website platform.

The bookingdrive.com accepts debit cards, MB Net and credit cards. When booking rent-a-car, Bookingdrive also accepts any form of payment. However, we advise that rent-a-car only accept credit cards in payment of the rest of the amount of the reservation (including Insurance Excess) at the counter, and the owner must be the driver.

The Bookingdrive.com is a platform for sharing vehicles and not a classic model of car dealers. A rent-a-car has a fleet of vehicles of their own. The bookingdrive.com creates a link between the driver and any owner who wants to rent his car. Our intention is to contribute to the increase of community connection and mobility, with the goal to create a positive impact on the environment. The bookingdrive.com allows the use of a convenient service, cheaper than the available alternatives on the market, and enables the users to access quickly the dealers of cars top-of-the-range. To the owners, the bookingdrive.com allows the obtainment of an excellent profitability with their vehicles, especially in moments in which usually they would be stopped.

It is a document signed by the owner and driver at the beginning and at the end of the car's rental process, in which are established the main conditions of the car's rental. This contract also safeguards both parties before possible breaches (damage in the vehicle, limit of Kms exceeded, amount of fuel less than due, etc.). It should be scanned and sent to the bookingdrive.com after being signed by both parties (at the beginning and at the end of the car's rental process).

The rental agreement is signed two times between both parties:

1 - Upon delivery of the vehicle to the driver (at the beginning of the process of car's rental);

2 - Upon returning the vehicle to the owner (at the end of the car's rental process).

The owner is the person or company who has a vehicle and wants to rent it without a driver.

Yes, it is possible to book multiple cars at once. The bookingdrive.com recommends that you do just that, because it is the best way to guarantee a confirmation of the car's rent as fast as possible. When you receive a confirmation by an owner and, thereafter, you proceed to the payment of your booking, all other requests for the same period shall be automatically canceled.

No. The vehicle may only be driven by the driver who made the booking.

After the adoption of the rent by the owner, you will receive an email with the confirmation of the booking and the contact information of the owner. At the same time, the owner will also receive your contacts. You should use the messaging system of bookingdrive.com to start your first contact with the owner. However, we recommend that you share the telephone contacts, which could be useful in some situations.

We advise you whenever the form of communication between both is done by the system messages from bookingdrive.com to ensure that everything is recorded. In the case of use of the telephone, we suggest that the owner and driver record the summary of the conversation so that the bookingdrive.com has knowledge of what was agreed between both.

It should be noted that all communications between owner and driver that are not known to the bookingdrive.com exempt Bookingdrive.com from any responsibility on the renting process, in case that this “modus operandi” results in damages to both parties, as well as the other associated services. The rentals performed directly between the owner and driver are not covered by any insurance policy and are the sole responsibility of the actors involved in this negotiation.

The security deposit is a fixed value (100€), that can be used in case of breach of any vehicle rules (refuel, traffic tickets and fines, tolls, etc) or even in case of small accidents, of simple resolution, when both parties agree on using the security deposit instead of activating the insurance franchise, and by doing so, notifying bookingdrive. This value is secured on the credit card that is used to pay the reservation.

The deductible is a fixed value, in which in case of an ominous event to the Own Damage coverage is deducted to the indemnity payable by the insurer. Within the rental process, the driver may choose to hire one of the two deductibles options, 2% or 4% of the commercial value of the vehicle. These options are added during payment. This value is of the sole responsibility of the driver in case of vehicle damage and is secured through the credit card used in the payment process. For rent-a-car vehicles this amount varies depending on the vehicle category and age of the driver.

The total amount secured (security deposit + deductible) is returned to the driver’s credit card used to pay the reservation. It is returned within 7 days after the rental period, in case no incidence reported (uncleaned car, delivery delay, amount of fuel less than due, mileage limit exceeded, etc)

After the confirmation of the booking by the owner, you have 24h to make the payment. If the payment is not done in this period, the reservation is automatically canceled.

As a driver you can cancel the reservation without penalty, provided you do so before making the payment. At the moment you meet the owner, in the event that the vehicle does not meet the conditions agreed, you may refuse the car, also without penalty. If you cancel the booking after it has been paid, there are the following penalties:

- Cancellation in advance of at least 48 hours: you will be charged the amount of €10 (Administrative costs) plus the value of the insurance.

- Cancellation with less than 48 hours in advance: you will be charged the amount you paid, if the car was rented for 1 day, or up to a maximum of 2 days, in the case of a rent for 2 days or more.

The payment of the value concerning toll charges is the sole responsibility of the driver. Payment must be made between 48 hours and 5 working days after the passage of a road/freeway with electronic toll. Payment can be made at any point in CTT or in the shops network Payshop. The non-payment of tolls involves deducting that amount to the value of security deposit and other administrative costs envisaged under the terms and conditions

Any incident that has happened during the car's rental should be reported immediately to the bookingdrive.com. and the Insurer if the incidence is covered by insurance.

Yes, you can, provided that the extension is requested through the platform or App bookingdrive.com before the end of the car's rental period established by both parties, and the owner accepts the extension. You should, in the first place, communicate with the Owner to know whether or not he accepts an extension of the rent. If the owner accepts, you should access the platform bookingdrive.com and make a new booking for the desired time period.

Usually, the vehicle is collected at the address indicated by the owner. This address is visible in the vehicle profile. For further details you should come into contact with the owner.

The owner can set that the delivery of the vehicle shall be made at the home of the driver, in the nearest airport or at any other place, by agreement between the parties. In any of the situations indicated, these solutions may increase the costs defined by the owner.

You can see the conditions of insurance here.

In situations of theft or robbery you should immediately inform the bookingdrive.com and participate the incident to the competent authorities. We suggest that you consult the terms and conditions of insurance here.

In these circumstances, our platform offers total insurance coverage for travel assistance to resolve the problem efficiently and quickly. Recommended Procedures in the event of a fault are the following:

1.Contact the travel assistance:
( a) if the travel assistance resolves the fault, you keep driving the car;
(b) if the travel assistance cannot resolve the fault, you must come into contact with the bookingdrive.com and with the owner and inform them about the incident.

The service ensures the towing of the car from the place of detention to the base of the carrier awaiting destination or to the workshop indicated by the owner of the vehicle insured. It is up to the service of assistance to define and organize the appropriate means for the provision of the service. The service ensures the transport of the driver and any occupants to the beginning of the trip or, if you prefer, to the place of destination of your trip, if the costs of this alternative are not higher.

To communicate this type of incidents, send an email to incident@bookingdrive.com

In the event of a puncture or blowout on the tire of the vehicle insured, the assistance services guarantees, up to the limit set in the framework of guarantees, the sending of a professional to replace the tire (if the vehicle insurance is equipped with spare tire) supporting their travel costs, or when the replacement is impossible at the place of detention, the trailer to the nearest garage.

All other expenses are the responsibility of the insured persons, in particular those relating to labor and materials. The persons covered by the guarantee of travel assistance are the following:

–The driver of the vehicle insured, as legitimate and lawfully authorized;

–The occupants transported in the vehicle insured free of charge at the date of the event (with the exception of the transported in "auto stop");

–The owner of the vehicle insured.

If the hole, puncture or blowout results from non-fulfilment of the conditions of use or maintenance, as defined in the manufacturer manual, by fraud or serious misconduct of the insured persons the guarantee should not be engaged.

a) When the benefits are not applied to service support or made without your agreement, except in cases of force majeure or when there is a material impossibility demonstrated;

b) for damages caused by intent or gross negligence of any of the insured persons;

c) for benefits and expenses in case of abandonment of the vehicle insured by the driver;

d) for damage resulting from crimes or facts which involve the payment of fines;

e) for the payment of any benefits when the driver drives with a blood alcohol concentration exceeding the egally admitted or accuse consumption of narcotic drugs or other drugs or toxic products, or even when you are in a state of dementia;

f) To assist the vehicle insured when you have not been complied with their legal obligations imposed, particularly of periodical inspection or other concerning the approval of the vehicle;

g) To assist the vehicle insured in case of faults resulting from non-fulfilment of the conditions of use or maintenance, as defined in the manufacturer's manual;

h) by the cost of restoration, fuel and repairs on the vehicle.

i) for expenditure arising from theft or robbery of baggage or personal items and accessories incorporated in the vehicle;

j) for benefits in case of conflict between insured persons.

In all situations applicable in a car insurance, namely:

–Making a fraudulent claim;

–Not inform the bookingdrive.com of a damage or fault with the vehicle until the end of the car's rental;

–Not sign up an agreement with the driver;

–Making a rent or a payment directly to the owner without the correct application and registration on the bookingdrive.com website;

–Making an extension of the rent without the due registration on the website.

–Keep driving the vehicle after the end of the rent period established by both parties.

–Going out of the territorial area insured;

–Having behaviors that transcends the good practice of driving and the civic behavior demanded by legal and social norms (ex.: driving drunk or under the influence of drugs, not compliance with the road transport law, etc).

May only be submitted to registration the following vehicles:

–Vehicles up to 3,500 kg gross weight;

–With a maximum capacity of 9 places;

–Registered portuguese;

–Maximum age up to 15 years;

–With periodical inspection valid and in force;

–With a commercial value up to 60,000,00 €;

–With a functioning insurance;

We do not accept vehicles of 2 or 3 wheels (motorcycles, mopeds and bicycles), quad biking, quadricycles, caravans and trailers. For vehicles whose owner is a company it will be requested prior to the registration in bookingdrive.com our analysis/acceptance.

In terms of typology, the definition of each of the categories accepted is as follows:

Light Vehicles

Motor vehicle:

–up to 3,500 kg gross weight, with maximum capacity of nine seats including the driver's seat, intended for the carriage of persons, or

– of freight and passengers, or just load up to 1,600 kg. of gross weight.

Jeep/ All-Terrain

Motor vehicle up to 3,500 kg gross weight, with maximum capacity of nine seats including the driver's seat, intended for the transport of persons, with characteristics of ground clearance which allow the vehicle to move on floors that are inaccessible to the other vehicles. In addition to the more traditional all-terrain more (for example, Nissan Patrol, Toyota Land Cruiser, Land Rover Range Rover, Mitsubishi Pajero, etc.), it was also included in this category the vehicles designated by SUV (Sports Utility Vehicles) as, for example, Hyundai Santa Fe, Toyota RAV4, BMW X3, Mitsubishi Outlander, Nissan X-Trail, Chevrolet Captiva, among others, including versions of these models that do not have full traction.

Small Truck

Motor vehicle with a gross vehicle weight of 2,901 kg and 3,500 kg, with maximum capacity of nine seats including the driver's seat, intended for the carriage of cargo or passengers and cargo.

Mixed Light Vehicle

Vehicle up to 2,900 kg gross weight, with maximum capacity of nine seats including the driver's seat, intended for the carriage of cargo or passengers and freight; includes van vehicles.

Note: Upon acceptance of the registration of a vehicle, the insurance company indicates the daily insurance premium, for each of the relief options, which will be carried out in accordance with the guidelines in terms of category.

No. Your registration has no costs. In the case of existence of any penalty provided for in the Policy of compensation and penalties established for in the Terms & Conditions, the same will have to be paid to the bookingdrive.com. Their leases will be pending until their settlement. If there are pendant payments to be made by bookingdrive.com, in the act of payment this amount will be deducted from the pending values of payment.

The bookingdrive.com undertakes to make the payments every week, on Fridays, to the owner of the leased vehicle. The car's rental must finish until 23h59 of the previous Thursday and the owner has complete the return of the vehicle. If the rental period includes Friday, the payment will be held on the next Friday. The total price of the reservation will be deducted from our commission (20%) plus VAT at the rate in force. It is the owner's responsibility to declare their income to the tax and customs authorities.

It should be noted that it is up to the owners the decision about the values of rent to be charged per day or per week. The bookingdrive.com is available to advise him to set a price adjusted to your vehicle in order to make your offer more competitive.

While it is true that it is possible to do so, we recommend that you do not do it. As this process has administrative costs for bookingdrive.com and for those who rent, we indicate below the values that must support your option if you proceeds with the cancellation of the reservation.

Cancellation of confirmed booking with more than 48 hours in advance in relation to the rental period


Cancellation of confirmed reservation with less than 48 hours in advance in relation to the rental period


Early Cancellation of the insurance policy


The process is very simple. If this is the first notification of fines, the owner has 2 days to send us the scanned document to the e-mail incident@bookingdrive.com. In this case, we will proceed to the request for change of the responsible driver and, since that time, the fine will be charged to the driver. In the event that the owner must not exceed the term to claim, you might not be able to perform the change of the responsible driver.

The payment of the amount of toll charges is the sole responsibility of the driver. The non-payment of tolls by the driver requires the deduction of such amount in the deposit paid by the driver at the beginning of the car's rental period. This value will be delivered to the owner always and when he claims your payment properly. We recommend that the owner removes the identifier of your vehicles before the delivery of the vehicle to the driver. If he fails to do so, the bookingdrive.com cannot help you in the recovery of the amounts of the toll charges.

You do not need to change your insurance, but it is mandatory that you have valid insurance and in force.

It is the owner who decides which value he wants to charge for the car. However, you should consider some other factors that may affect the competitiveness of your vehicle against the rest of the offer. The factors that can influence the value are:

–Age and condition of the vehicle;

–Extras like GPS, child's chair, etc;

–The number of kilometers included;

–Fuel is included or not.

Take always note of the cars values listed in our website that appears to be similar to yours, just so you can stay competitive. If you have any questions we are at your disposal to advise you in the best way.

If the driver does not appear to receive the car at the date and time combined, the owner will receive the due amount as if the car had been received by the driver. If the rent is for 2 or more days, there is an obligation to proceed to the payment of a maximum of 2 days rental.

It is the owner's responsibility to declare their income to the tax and customs authorities. It should be noted that bookingdrive.com is not responsible for compliance with tax obligations on the part of the registered owners on the platform. We recommend that you read our Terms & Conditions.

No, the owner of the vehicle needs forcefully to have compulsory insurance of civil responsibility, valid and in force, and he shall submit proof evidences that complies with the standards of bookingdrive.com. The insurance provided by bookingdrive.com to ensure the vehicle during the rental period will only be valid if the owner has his compulsory insurance of civil responsibility valid and in force.

The insurance associated with the car hired by bookingdrive.com is valid exclusively for the drivers previously registered, accepted and informed for the rental period.

The insurance is not valid in case of false statements.

The owner can refuse the rental if:

– At the date and time combined to the temporary surrender of the car, the meeting is not attended by the same person who logged the car;

– The driver does not meet the requirements to be a driver.

For more information, see the Terms & Conditions;

No, since the vehicle continues to be used as before its registration in bookingdrive.com, especially outside the rental periods.

You can. It should be noted that in the rent agreement all the possible damages must be identified. Nevertheless, all damages and pre-existing conditions on the vehicle which militate against their proper use (ex.: lack of lights, deficiency of the braking system, lack of mirrors, poor functioning of safety belts, broken glass, etc.) make it impossible for the car's rental.

In case of doubt, please consult the safety indications below:

Hand Brakes

In the braking system there are several elements to be verified: the condition of the pads (in the case of poor condition, the distance required to brake unit increases), the wear and tear of discs (accentuated wear can cause uneven braking and "grinding") and the brake fluid level (if lower than recommended, may cause difficulty in braking).

If you notice in your car any of these symptoms indicated in the preceding paragraph you shall immediately take it to a workshop for the repairs due.


Check if all lights on your vehicle - Minimum, Medium, Maximum, emergency lights, indicators, light of the dashboard and even the lights of registration - are working properly. If not, proceed to the appropriate replacement. It is impossible to know when a lamp will melt, so we advise you to keep a box of replacement bulbs and fuses in the glove compartment or in the trunk of the car. It is recommended to replace the bulbs to avoid differences in brightness between both.

Also check if the headlights are aligned. For this reason, we suggest that you stop the vehicle to ten meters away from a wall and make sure that the projected light of headlights has the same height above the ground. A simple misfit between both headlights significantly increases the possibility of dazzling other drivers.


Worn tyres with low pressure decrease the ability to grip the road, increasing the braking distance and the risk of aquaplaning and holes.

Tyres must have the pressure recommended by the manufacturer

We recommend checking the tyre pressure at least once a month. You just need a pressure gauge or any of the filling equipment found in most garages or service stations. It is advisable not to exceed the maximum pressure indicated by the manufacturer (usually this information is next to the fuel tank or in the inside side of the rear doors).

It is also recommendable that you measure the pressure with cold tyres (before beginning a trip). If this is not possible, we recommend adding 0.3 bar at the pressure recommended by the manufacturer. Note that the recommended pressure for the front and rear tyres can vary.

Avoid the danger of worn tyres

The average life of a tyre is about 30,000 miles. However, the quality of the rubber produced by the manufacturer and the manner of driving can change this average. To check the wear of a tyre you should start by trying to find scratches, etc.. Then you should seek the "wear marks" (typically a triangle, the manufacturer's logo or a signal indicator on the edge of the tyre). When the wear marks are obvious, the tyres must be immediately replaced.

The depth of the tyre tread should be at least 1.6 mm. It is important to check on all four tyres, in particular because the front tyres tend to wear more quickly than behind.

Other safety indications

The condition of the windscreen should also be checked. It should be repaired if it is unstable, and replaced, if it is cracked. The levels of brake fluid, antifreeze, engine oil and coolant of the windscreen must be measured regularly and replaced if necessary. The wiper blades should be changed twice per year. It should also be checked the condition and correct position of the side mirrors and the rear view mirror.

The vehicle must be fitted with a spare wheel, 2 triangles and at least one collect reflector. If you have any questions about the security of your vehicle, please only register in bookingdrive.com after being reviewed and approved by an expert.