Create WebApp on your mobile phone

Create WebApp on your mobile phone


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IOS Android

Depending on your device and version of Android there are a few different ways to create WebApp:

Option 1:

  • Open Google Chrome and go to;
  • Open the menu and click "Add to main screen";
  • Type the name "Bookingdrive" and Add.

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Option 2:

  • Add website to bookmarks;
  • Go to the home screen where you want to add the link / bookmark;
  • Touch continuously on an empty space until you open the "Add to Home" menu;
  • Select "Shortcuts";
  • Select "Favorites";
  • Choose the bookmark you just created.

Option 3:

  • Add website to bookmarks;
  • Open bookmark management;
  • Tap continuously on the bookmark of the website;
  • Select "Add to Home screen".