Terms and Conditions

Terms of Services

  • 1. General:
  • 1.1. Definitions:
  • 1.1.1. Booking Drive, bookingdrive.com , "we", "us" or "our": Global Drive, Lda, with headquarters in the Building Av. Antunes Guimarães 358, 4100-246 Porto with the unique number of registration and of collective person 513 586 121, with the social capital of € 100,000.00 (100,000 euros).
  • 1.1.2. Carkit: Not available.
  • 1.1.3. Car or Vehicle: Light Vehicle, passengers up to 9 seats or commercial (light vehicle, mixed light vehicle, small truck or jeep all-terrain), with weights equal to or less than 7,700 pounds, for exclusively private use.
  • 1.1.4. Registered Car or Vehicle : Vehicle with the characteristics described above, registered on the platform bookingdrive.com, as detailed below.
  • 1.1.5. Approved Driver: driver approved by bookingdrive.com and by the insurer in accordance with point 4.
  • 1.1.6. Lessee: A particular to whom you want to rent a car for a short period of time, as main driver.
  • 1.1.7. Member: user of the Site or application that has agreed to comply with the terms and conditions and who completed the registration process of bookingdrive.com, providing all the information requested.
  • 1.1.8. Parties: Users and bookingdrive.com mentioned together.
  • 1.1.9. Owner: The individual or company that owns a car, with the characteristics described above and from whom you want to rent his car without a driver.
  • 1.1.10. bookingdrive.com Insurance: Specific vehicle insurance, valid for the rental period of the available vehicle, in accordance with the insurance Conditions.
  • 1.1.11. Site: bookingdrive.com website.
  • 1.1.12. User: User of the site or application. By using the Site or application, the user agrees to comply with the terms and conditions, even if it does not become a registered user of services.
  • 1.2. The terms and conditions are the entire agreement between the parties with respect to the services hired among themselves through the site or application.
  • 2. The services:
  • 2.1. bookingdrive.com offers an online service that provides the contact between individuals or companies that want to rent their cars without driver (Owners) and individuals who want to rent a vehicle for a short period of time (driver)
  • 2.2. The mentioned service is accessible through the site www.bookingdrive.com and the application.
  • 2.3. These Terms and Conditions govern your access to and use of the site www.bookingdrive.com, the Application and Services available and constitute an agreement between the user and bookingdrive.com.
  • 2.4. These Terms and Conditions shall not govern the legal relationship between the owners and the lessees. bookingdrive.com is not, in any form, part of the contract between the owner and lessee. bookingdrive.com is not part of any legal relationship between the owner and lessee. bookingdrive.com does not rent any car through the Website or any other means.
  • 2.5.Users must have at least 18 years and have the legal capacity necessary to hire, offering or acquiring the services offered through the platform or App bookingdrive.com
  • 2.6. The services offered on the platform are available only to registered users.
  • 2.7. The registration on the platform bookingdrive.com is free.
  • 2.8. The platform allows the registration of cars with special and particular conditions, must be provided, analyzed and accepted by the renters.
  • 2.9. If you provide false information, bookingdrive.com can immediately, without the need to compensate you, suspend or terminate the provision of services. The provision by the lessee of false information may also deprive him the same insurance's benefit referred to in point 1.1.10.
  • 2.10. The User undertakes to provide bookingdrive.com all documents requested by the same, at his request.
  • 2.11. The User undertakes to keep the data provided through the Platform bookingdrive.com.
  • 2.12. bookingdrive.com reserves the right to accept or refuse, without justification, any entry in the platform or inhibit a user to use the Platform.
  • 2.13. bookingdrive.com is not responsible for the veracity and accuracy of the data provided by the registered member.

Vehicle and Rentals

  • 1. Owners and Vehicles Registration:
  • 1.1. Owners obligations:
  • 1.1.1. Acceptance of these Terms and Conditions;
  • 1.1.2. Provide your identity, address and telephone number and date;
  • 1.1.3. Be at least 18 years old;
  • 1.1.4. Refrain from creating multiple profiles;
  • 1.1.5. Register only vehicles:
  • Of which you are the owner or in relation to which you have a express authorization of the owner, valid in accordance with Portuguese Law;
  • In accordance with the Portuguese law, whose safety equipment are in perfect condition, namely the tires, brakes, lights, direction, safety belts, as well as all the safety equipment required for the vehicle to rent (ex.: waistcoats reflectors, triangle, spare tire, friendly statement);
  • In good mechanical condition, in good appearance and cleanliness inside and outside;
  • With the compulsory periodical inspection in force;
  • With the compulsory insurance paid;
  • With the Road Tax paid;
  • Contain the required documentation, such as booklet, title of registration of ownership of the vehicle, Green Card (international certificate of motor insurance), provisional certificate of insurance (in the absence of a green card) or warning-receipt, when valid, in an accessible location (ex.: glove), as well as the vignette of compulsory insurance , bet on the lower right corner inside the vehicle;
  • With the periodical inspection certificate mandatory and vignette of compulsory inspection, affixed in the lower right corner inside the vehicle;
  • Of which the owner has two sets of keys that allow you to open the vehicle in case of need.
  • Under the age of 15 years old.
  • 1.1.6. Delete the registration of the vehicle(s) that you has recorded in the bookingdrive.com website, if it fulfills the requirements mentioned above;
  • 1.1.7. Provide truthful information, current and accurate about the characteristics and condition of the vehicle, including mark, model, potency (CV), fuel type, number of occupants, number of doors, type of changes (automatic, manual), extras from the vehicle, vehicle availability to be rented, as well as other relevant information such as photos of the vehicle, the expected value of rent, evaluation of the vehicle, location on the map, etc;
  • 1.1.8. Send an invoice-receipt, in accordance with the Law Decree No. 197/2012 of 24 August, 2012, which provides that the issuance of invoice is mandatory for all streams of goods and services, regardless of the quality of the recipient of goods or recipient of services and even if they did not request it, whatever the sector of activity concerned.
  • 3.2. Are only accepted vehicles in the following categories:
  • 1.2.1. Light Vehicles
  • 1.2.2. Small Truck
  • 1.2.3. Jeep All-Terrain
  • 1.2.4. Mixed Light Vehicle
  • 2. Lessees Registration
  • 2.1. Lessees obligations:
  • 2.1.1. Acceptance of these Terms and Conditions;
  • 2.1.2. Provide your identity, address and telephone number and date;
  • 2.1.3. Be at least 21 years old.
  • 2.1.4. Have the nationality of a Member State of the European Union, Portuguese-speaking African countries (Angola, Guinea Bissau, Cape Verde, São Tomé and Príncipe and Mozambique), Brazil, USA and Canada;
  • 2.1.5. Refrain from creating multiple profiles;
  • 2.1.6. Hold a valid driver's license in Portugal, with a minimum of 2 years, for categories A and B;
  • 2.1.7. Hold a valid credit card;
  • 2.1.8. You don't have been in default on a payment for the obligations arising out of these Terms and Conditions, or you don't have repudiated a payment due under the Terms and Conditions;
  • 2.1.9. You don't have committed, in the use of a leased vehicle through bookingdrive.com, an infraction to the Highway Code that represents a road crime or any serious or very serious wrongdoing;
  • 2.1.10. You don't have been considered civilly or criminally liable for a road accident in the last two years;
  • 2.1.11. You don't have been the target of additional penalty of disqualification from driving in the last two years;
  • 2.1.12. You don't have been convicted of driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol in the past three years;
  • 2.1.13. You don't have been convicted of driving without mandatory car's insurance;
  • 2.1.14. You don't have been subject to a denial by the insurer or a breach of the insurance's agreement by the insurer in the last three years;
  • 2.1.15. Be unable to drive for health reasons;
  • 2.1.16. If you want that the invoice contains your tax data, the invoice shall be registered. Moreover, it is not possible to make further amendments to the purchase of the service and billing.
  • 2.2. The provision of false information by the Lessee may deprive the same benefit of insurance referred to in point 1.1.10.
  • 3. Vehicles Reservation
  • 3.1. It is not allowed, through bookingdrive.com, renting vehicles between two members who are relatives up to second degree (ex.: Parents and children, grandparents and grandchildren, aunts and nephews, cousins, siblings, spouses, etc) or the same household.
  • 3.2. bookingdrive.com is not responsible for reservations that cannot be met by the responsibility of the owner or lessee or the reserves of vehicles which have ceased to meet the mandatory requirements specified in 3.1.5.
  • 3.3. The lessees can make reservation requests simultaneously to multiple vehicles for the same rental period.
  • 3.4. When the first registered owner accepts a reservation request, this entails either the owner or the lessee registered, in accordance with these Terms and Conditions.
  • 3.5. The acceptance of a reservation requires the collection of a security deposit of 100€, which is intended to compensate for any incidence, as for example vehicle dirty, delay in returning, quantity of fuel lower than what the vehicle had at the time it was delivered, kilometers travelled in a quantity exceeding that indicated at the time of booking, among others. The deposit is returned in its entirety until 7 days after the end of the car's rental, if you have not been reported a notification of incidence.
  • 3.6. Bookingdrive.com is not responsible for delays in the return of the bail by the banks issuing credit cards.
  • 3.7. The value of the rent is defined corresponds to the value defined on the website platform, and, it should be noted, it is totally unrelated to a possible agreement between the parties outside of the platform bookingdrive.com.
  • 3.8. There are vehicles that allow instant booking, which do not require the prior approval of the owner, and the renter can make the payment soon after the request.
  • 3.8.1. These vehicles have special conditions, expressed in the respective file of the vehicle, that must be read and accepted before the confirmation of the reservation.
  • 4. Rental's period
  • 4.1. The Lessee may request periods of rent with a minimum of 2h and the maximum of 30 days. If the lessee requires a rental period of more than 30 days, it has to book the amount of times needed for the whole period the lessee wants to rent.
  • 4.2. The time spent in checking the condition of the vehicle, either in the collection, either in delivery, if included in the rental period.
  • 4.3. The initial rental's period may be extended by the Lessee if both parties agrees, with the corresponding costs. This extension should be previously registered in the Bookingdrive.com platform in the form of a new rental.
  • 4.4. If the lessee delays a delivery of the vehicle without agreement or communication to the owner, the amount due, correspondingly to the period exceeded, will be automatically charged as well as the amount concerning the sanctions policy of compensation.
  • 4.5. If the lessee does not return the vehicle at the end of the rental period stipulated, the sanctions established in the policy of compensation shall be set out.
  • 4.6. The devolutions occurring before the end of the rental period doesn't presupposes the return of the amount corresponding to this period, and any other type of restitution.

Cancellation Policy

  • 1. Reservations cancellation
  • 1.1. The Lessee may cancel without any penalty, all bookings that have not yet been approved by the owner.
  • 1.2. The lessee shall not continue to rent the vehicle, if he considers that the vehicle does not meet the requirements laid down in point 3.1.5.
  • 1.3. The owner should not give up the rent of the vehicle where it considers that the Lessee does not meet the requirements laid down in point 4.1.
  • 2. Vehicle's delivery
  • 2.1. The delivery of the vehicle should occur in a location agreed between the owner and the lessee at the time of rental o bookingdrive.com digital platform. Both should appear on the site with punctuality.
  • 2.2. At the time of delivery of the vehicle, the lessee must show to the owner a valid driving license and the Citizen Card, a valid identity card or passport. If the lessee is abroad, the owner should take note of the identification data of the Lessee and save them for 24 months. The owner and the lessee must both inspect the vehicle and report any anomalies in the rental agreement or in the platform. This process should be performed at the beginning and at the end of the car. If signed on paper, the agreement should be scanned and sent by email to bookingdrive.com after the beginning of the car's rental and within a maximum period of 24h after the car is returned.
  • 2.3. All fields listed in the rental agreement must be completed and should be signed by the lessee and the owner.
  • 2.4. bookingdrive.com is not responsible for damages or incidents not indicated in the rental agreement.
  • 2.5. Before starting the rental, the owner must take 4 photos to the vehicle (front, back, right side and left side) and insert them on the platform to confirm the condition of the vehicle at the time of delivery to the Renter. Failure to comply with this step may annulment of insurance in the event of an accident.
  • 2.6. The owner shall ensure that there is no longer any personal object inside the vehicle. The fate of the objects that remain inside the vehicle is the sole responsibility of the owner. Bookingdrive.com does not have any responsibility on them.
  • 3. Vehicles User Conditions
  • 3.1. The owner shall ensure that the vehicle meets the requirements defined by bookingdrive.com and it is in the same condition in which it was registered on the platform bookingdrive.com .
  • 3.2. The vehicle must be driven only by the Lessee registered in the bookingdrive.com platform.
  • 3.3. If, for any reason, the Lessee is with some pending payment on the platform bookingdrive.com, he will be prevented to make any rental until regularize the situation.
  • 3.4. The Lessee:
  • 3.4.1. You should not lend your vehicle to third parties with or without economic consideration.
  • 3.4.2. You must not use the vehicle for illegal acts.
  • 3.4.3. You must not use the vehicle to participate in sports competitions.
  • 3.4.4. You must not use the vehicle if you are under the influence of alcohol or drugs.
  • 3.4.5. You should not carry a number of passengers superior to the amount than the vehicle allows.
  • 3.4.6. You should not carry a load that overloads your vehicle.
  • 3.4.7. You should not carry hazardous materials, toxic gases or liquids.
  • 3.4.8. You should lead always in accordance with the standards of road safety.
  • 3.4.9. You should make sure that when you're out of the vehicle the same is closed.
  • 3.4.10. You should make sure that you use the correct type of fuel. If you don't do it, you will be responsible for all the damage caused to the vehicle by such an act.
  • 3.4.11. You're responsible for the vehicle and for everything that occurs during the period of the rental, as well as by the payment of all expenses relating to fines, passages in the Scut's/tolls or any other costs incurred by improper use of the vehicle.
  • 3.4.12. You should not smoke nor allow anyone to smoke inside the vehicle, if the owner have defined it in the platform Bookingdrive.com
  • 3.4.13. You should not allow animals inside the vehicle if the owner have defined it in the platform bookingdrive.com platform. If the owner allow animals inside the vehicle, the same should be delivered clean.
  • 3.4.14. You shall forthwith inform the competent authorities, Bookingdrive.com and the owner about any theft, act of vandalism or accident involving the vehicle.
  • 3.4.15. You must communicate all fines for which you're responsible, as well as passages through Scut's to the owner.
  • 9.5. The payment of the value of toll charges/SCUT's is the sole responsibility of the lessee. Payment must be made between 48 hours and 5 working days after the passage of a track with electronic toll. Payment can be made in any post office CTT or in the shops network Payshop. The non-payment of tolls involves the payment of a penalty as provided for in the policy of compensation.
  • 4. Return of vehicle
  • 4.1. Once the lessee takes possession of the vehicle, he is responsible for the same until the return to the owner in accordance with the items described in these Terms and Conditions
  • 4.2. The Lessee must deliver the vehicle with the same level of fuel that started the car's rental.
  • 4.3. Any disagreement between lessee and owner with respect to the level of fuel should be resolved by agreement between both. Bookingdrive.com assumes no responsibility for any disagreement concerning to the level of fuel.
  • 5. Owner and Lessee avaliation
  • 5.1. The users who used the services can give their opinion about the service and provide a score for the vehicle, the owner and the lessee. bookingdrive.com may publish these reviews and ratings on the Site or in your application.
  • 5.2. The Users recognize that bookingdrive.com does not have any obligation to check or edit these reviews and ratings. Bookingdrive.com reserves the right to refuse, edit or remove adverse analyzes if this analysis includes expressions defamatory or mention the name of a user or violates laws on privacy, or any other applicable law.
  • 5.3. bookingdrive.com is exempt from any responsibility for the content and consequences (ex.: disclosure, offense of reputation, etc) of all guest reviews or ratings published by users on the Site, the application, or elsewhere, regardless of its form.
  • 5. Policy of Compensations and Sanctions
  • 5.1. When the users make the registration on the platform Bookingdrive.com, they undertake to pay the values specified for the penalties upon the established in this policy of compensation arising from the circumstances provided for in these Terms and Conditions
  • 5.2. bookingdrive.com undertakes to seek payment for registered members through the predicted values in this policy of compensation and sanctions, in the circumstances specified in these Terms and Conditions.
  • 5.3. The owner that accepts a booking for his vehicle must verify that the lessee complies with the conditions of the reservation.
  • 5.4. The compensation and penalties for the owner are the following:



Cancellation of a confirmed booking with more than 48 hours in advance in relation to the Rental Period


Cancellation of a confirmed reservation with less than 48 hours in advance in relation to the Rental Period


Cancellation of insurance (derived from the cancellation of the reservation already paid)


No-show on the day and time combined in relation to the vehicle delivery date


No-show on the day and time combined on the date of receipt of the vehicle


  • 5.5. The Lessee must verify if the owner complies with the established under the conditions of the reservation
  • 5.6. Without prejudice to the due compensation which may be laid down by law, the compensation and penalties provided for the Lessee are:



Cancellation of confirmed booking with more than 48 hours in advance in relation to the Rental Period

10€ + insurance's value

Cancellation of confirmed reservation with less than 48 hours in advance in relation to the rental period.

The total amount that you paid, if you have rented your car for 1 day, or up to a maximum of 2 days in case you have rented your car for 2 or more days

Lack of compliance with the requirements to be a driver on the date and time combined to temporary surrender of the car.

The total amount that you paid, if you have rented your car for 1 day, or up to a maximum of 2 days in case you have rented your car for 2 or more days

Late return of the vehicle

25€ of penalty for each day of delay + cost/day rental (including insurance) + administrative costs for renewal of insurance

Lack of attendance at the delivery of the vehicle (beginning of the rental)

The total amount that you paid, if you have rented your car for 1 day, or up to a maximum of 2 days in case you have rented your car for 2 or more days

Processing of fines for traffic, parking and tolls

25€ per fine

A different driver if he is not the same person who performs the booking

The total amount that you paid, if you have rented your car for 1 day, or up to a maximum of 2 days in case you have rented your car for 2 or more days

Excess miles or km for vehicles with daily limit


Vehicle fault caused by incorrect use of the Driver

25€ of penalty for each day on which the owner cannot use the vehicle + cost/day rental (including insurance) in which the owner cannot use the vehicle total cost of vehicle recovery

Recovery of a vehicle in a place other than that of delivery

Total cost of the vehicle recovery

Various interventions to the vehicle (without battery, windows open, cleaning, car open, loss or damage to key, etc.)

Full cost of intervention performed, with the minimum amount of €30

Unauthorized movement of animals or smoking inside the vehicle when not authorized

Total cost of cleaning the vehicle, with the minimum of 50€

Damage resulting from filling with fuel unsuitable for the vehicle;

Total cost of repair of the vehicle, plus 25€ of penalty for each day on which the owner cannot use the vehicle + cost/day rental (including insurance) in which the owner cannot use the vehicle

Repair of damage or replacing parts

Total cost of repairing the vehicle or replacement of parts

Delivery of the vehicle with less fuel than at the time of the start of the car's rental

The total value of the difference between fuel at the time of the start of the rental's car and at the time of delivery + €25 for administrative costs

Failure of any other condition of vehicle use not specified above

50€ in addition to the reimbursement of any expenses that the owner will have


  • 1. Responsibility, Rights and Obligations of bookingdrive.com:
  • 1.1. Bookingdrive.com is not responsible for:
  • 1.1.1. The condition of the vehicles;
  • 1.1.2. The veracity and accuracy of data entered by users on the platform bookingdrive.com;
  • 1.1.3. Any damage, or any object left inside the vehicle;
  • 1.1.4. The fuel's cost;
  • 1.1.5. Any additional costs to contractors through the platform or application bookingdrive.com;
  • 1.1.6. Any costs relating to fines, Scut's and tolls;
  • 1.1.7. The theft or damage to any vehicle;
  • 1.1.8. The cancellation of reservations.
  • 1.2. bookingdrive.com allows the owner to set the amount of kilometers per day that are included in the price of the car. If the lessee exceeds the mileage limit defined in the platform, he will be charged for the additional value of 0.15€ per kilometer.
  • 1.3. The confirmation of the booking via Bookingdrive.com platform, empowers Bookingdrive.com the right to charge the lessee, via credit card provided at the time of booking, all bonus based on occurrences during the rental, namely:
  • 1.3.1. All penalties provided for in the policy of compensation;
  • 1.3.2. The costs derived from violation by the lessee from any obligation arising from these terms and conditions;
  • 1.3.3. Penalties and/or administrative costs and by breaches of traffic rules or other offenses committed by the Lessee during the use of the vehicle.
  • 1.3.4. Any sum owed to bookingdrive.com by the Lessee by virtue of any breach of rules set forth in the platform.
  • 1.4. bookingdrive.com is remunerated for their services in 20% of the total value of the car, plus VAT at the statutory rate in force.
  • 1.5. For bookingdrive.com transfer the value of the rent to the owners, they should provide a valid IBAN.
  • 1.6. bookingdrive.com Is responsible for making payments to the Owners every Friday on the amounts received for rentals. Bookingdrive.com only makes rental payments that the Owner has already given as completed, until the Thursday prior to the processing of payments, with the insertion of the 4 photos and the rental agreement duly completed and signed by the parties.
  • 1.7. All vehicles entered in Bookingdrive.com should possess a car's insurance, in accordance with the law.
  • 1.8. Through the platform Bookingdrive.com a car's insurance is provided for the period in which the vehicle is rented. The cost of insurance shall be borne by the lessee who should choose the type of relief that he wants (2% or 4%). We encourage all users to read carefully the conditions of the insurance's policy.
  • 1.9. If there is a conflict between lessee and owner, the problem shall be settled between the two, and they also may request the intervention of Bookingdrive.com to the resolution of the claim. In this case, bookindrive.com will gather all the information relating to the matter and issue a resolution. However, the players may not accept the resolution proposed by Bookingdrive.com.
  • 2. Applicable Law
  • 2.1. These Terms and Conditions are subject to Portuguese Law. In the event of conflict over the interpretation, claim or dispute arising out of or related to these Terms and Conditions, or any related transaction between the parties under these Terms and Conditions, the Parties undertake to seek an amicable solution.
  • 2.2. If the Parties are unable to the above mentioned friendly solution, any dispute or claim arising as a result of or in connection with the matters referred to (including litigation or other types of claims) is exclusively subject to the jurisdiction of Porto's district, Portugal.
  • 2.7. bookingdrive.com is financially compensated in 20% of the amount of the penalties applied as compensation for bad use of the service by users, adding commissions derived from costs of banking transactions.
  • 2.8. Without prejudice to their legal rights, if a user wishes to challenge any penalty imposed by bookingdrive.com he can do it, which does not imply that Bookingdrive.com is obliged to accept the arguments presented.
  • By providing the data to the platform, the user authorizes Bookingdrive.com (global Drive, lda) to process the provided personal data for service management purposes, namely by collecting, registering, database integration, organization, conservation, consultation, usage and communication by transmission, dissemination or any other form of making it available. In accordance with Law no. 67/98 (Portugal), the user has the right to access, update, correct or delete (after registration) his / her personal data, and for this purpose, shall request it to Global Drive, Lda, by letter.